Where Are They Now?

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CAN Field Study Participant, Eline Castaneda

Rather than stay home and attend classes during the summer of 2011, Eline Castaneda was a CAN Field Study participant in Quintana Roo, Mexico. There she worked alongside students from CAN network partner, UIMQROO (Universidad Intercultural Maya Quintana Roo). During the week, she lived in a small community in San Jose; on weekends, she lived with students in a small city. Eline credits the contacts she made through her Field Study experiences with helping her get to where she is now: Felipe Carrillo Puerto, her new home.

Currently she teaches English in Na’atik Language and Culture Institute and is involved with a local NGO, U’Yo’Olche, coordinating seminars for students about sustainable community development and culture preservation in the Mayan forest. The work includes cultural, ecological, economical, and social themes. According to Eline, “CAN has allowed me to expand my networks and has opened endless opportunities for me here in the Yucatan Peninsula.”

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