About AgroEco® Coffee

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Harvesting coffee cherries. Photo by Bridget O'Brien

Harvesting coffee cherries. Photo by Bridget O'Brien

AgroEco® Coffee is the product of a collaborative partnership between small-scale coffee farmer cooperatives, coffee roasters, the Community Agroecology Network, and CAN researchers.

This collaboration provides farmers with technical support, ongoing ecological monitoring, and evaluation of sustainable farming practices

Researchers focus on community-based needs, providing useful data about environmental, social and economic concerns. A long-term relationship aids farmers, roasters, and consumers in creating the highest quality coffees and more sustainable coffee production farming systems.

AgroEco® Coffee offers:

  • A higher return to coffee cooperatives and their members.
  • Sustainably grown coffee and farms with shade trees
  • An exceptionally rich tasting & high quality product

With AgroEco® Coffee we value the commitment of small-scale coffee farmers to producing sustainably, even if they are not organic certified.


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