UIMQRoo (Intercultural University of Quintana Roo)

UIMQRoo (Intercultural University of Quintana Roo)

This CAN Field Study offers you the opportunity to work and live closely with local college students in the surrounding small Mayan towns. UIMQRoo’s alternative educational model requires their students to develop and design a project that a rural community has identified as needed. You will partner with a UIMQRoo student research team to assist with the team’s research project and develop a small community project of your own.

Under the guidance of the local Field-Study Coordinator, you and the research team members will live and work in a small, rural Mayan town. As a community member, you will experience the foods, traditions, ceremonies, and customs of the Mayan people. The focus of this program is on cultural exchange with Mayan youth in these communities. Please note that CAN Field Studies at UIMQRoo  are only available in the summer.

When: Summer ONLY

Price: $2500 for a 10 week program, plus $100 evaluation deposit

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