CAN confronts some of the world’s most pressing problems in sustainability and conservation. The Network’s three programs work with partners in the United States, Mexico, and Central America. Through our initiatives, college students, farmers, researchers, and consumers support community members’ efforts to become economically viable, while at the same time protecting and improving their local environment. Our programs include:

Participatory Action Research

CAN researchers immerse themselves in the communities they work with and study the agroecology of the local communities. They learn how the farming and social systems work on site. Through collaborative relationships, farmer groups engage in the development of the research questions. This way the findings become directly useful to community members.

Trade Innovations

Order AgroEco® Coffee and support Latin American coffee-growing communities.

Action Education

Through our education initiative we raise awareness and create tools for change around global trade and sustainable agriculture. We use field-study opportunities, farmer-to-farmer exchanges, research, organizational internships, and an annual shortcourse to inspire action for social and environmental justice.

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