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For almost 10 years, the Community Agroecology Network has been confronting some of the world’s most pressing problems in sustainability and conservation. We are committed to sustaining rural livelihoods and environments by integrating research, education, and trade innovations. Our vision is for a global economy where people, healthy food systems, and the environment come first.

With the tremendous increase in international trade over the past several decades, we have seen a huge impact on the economic and social systems of rural communities in Mexico and Central America. To succeed in our work, we need to show the world how ecology, culture, economics, and society are linked.

Your donation to CAN will help us achieve our mission through building strong farming communities, protecting the environment, and creating intercultural relationships.

With your support, CAN researchers, student interns, CAN partner organizations, and staff members can carry out important work that promotes economic and ecological sustainability.

Funds to Support

CAN Scholarship Program

CAN’s Scholarship Program provides financial support for both U.S. students and youth leaders from rural communities in Central America. We provide scholarships for U.S. college students seeking international educational experiences who could not otherwise afford them. The program enables us to provide opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds, enhancing the group dynamic and learning opportunities for everyone involved. 

CAN International Youth Network (ICAN)

For the second year, the Crary Family Foundation has offered a generous challenge. This year our goal is to match the foundation's  $25,000 and raise $50,000 for CAN’s International Youth Network (ICAN). We hope you will join us in making this match and help the ICAN youth leaders realize their vision for their families and their communities: To be a network integrated through a learning process centered on youth that promotes community development with social and environmental justice.

Funding Goal: $50,000


John Halliday Community Fund

Through the John Halliday Community Funds, CAN serves as fiscal sponsor for community projects at CAN’s partner organizations in Mexico and Central America. In this capacity, CAN makes it possible for donations to be made to projects and activities initiated by partner groups that lack nonprofit status. Named as a memorial for John Halliday, this fund was established by five donors who believe in the entrepreneurial spirit.

The current projects you can support with your donation are:

Certification Program for Small Farmers in Chiapas, México

This project is an innovative participatory certification program for small-scale farmers who sell their products at our local market for agroecologically-produced products. Working hand-in-hand with farmers and consumers, CAN researchers have facilitated development of a set of product standards for agroecological production and a participatory process for helping farmers meet these standards.

Funding Goal: $3,000

Funding will provide support for farm visits, office supplies, laboratory analyses of soil and water, and hiring of a part-time staffer to coordinate and document the certification process.


Mujeres y Maiz

The project goals are to ensure food security through preservation of limited farmlands; improve nutrition through locally produced maiz and vegetables, reduce environmental hazards and strengthen the social, cultural traditions and economic opportunities of the indigenous women and their communities around San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. 

Funding Goal: Ongoing needs

Funding will provide support for the formal education of children of the project’s participant; establishing community learning centers to share learning experiences across participating communities of women; and to provide support to Mayan women farmers and producers of corn projects to promote and support for the cultivation of maiz criolla (native corn) without agro-chemicals — necessary for basic nutrition.


Youth Leadership for Food Sovereignty in Huatusco, Ixhuatlan, and Cosautlan counties in Central Veracruz State, México

The project goal is to reduce migration, malnutrition and poverty by training youth, who live in the mountainous coffee region of Veracruz, in development of agroecological production in home gardens, creation of local farmers markets, and opportunities for self-employment.

Funding Goal: $5,000

Funding will be used to support training programs and community organizer involvement in community outreach.


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